identifying_a_hospice_patient_.pngAs our Clinical Transformation Consultant, Carleen assists Medalogix in furthering the development of Medalogix’s end-of-life analytics technology solution—Medalogix Bridge. Carleen has 20 years of palliative care experience in hospice clinical and operational leadership, healthcare informatics management and consulting. She’s here to share some tips to help clinicians identify patients who may be appropriate for hospice earlier.

[row][col sm_width="10" sm_offset="1"]Predictive Modeling News Medalogix Chief Executive: Dan Hogan Dan Hogan founded Medalogix in 2009 to address the medication complications he saw occurring among geriatric patients at Doctor’s Associates Home Health, the Manchester, TN, home health agency he owned and operated from 2005 to 2010. Now part of SunCrest Healthcare Inc., Doctor’s Associates Home Health employs 108 full- and part-time staff to provide skilled nursing, physical therapy, speech therapy and medical social services to approximately 380 homebound geriatric patients in rural communities in the area east of Nashville. Hogan is also founder and chair of the HARP Project, a not-for-profit organi- zation that combats acute childhood malnutrition in several areas of the developing world. In early 2010, HARP partnered with the Vanderbilt Center for Latin American Studies and explored the deployment of a manufacturing facility to provide nutrient- infused baby food and hair care product and adult nutrition bars to the patient community currently served by several rural pediatric clinics.[/col][/row]

You may have noticed recently how the topic of understanding the millennial generation is extremely popular. It seems every few days there is a stat, research or an editorial about catering to this growing segment. From the Pew Research Center to BCG and Forbes, there are a plethora of perspectives published on the subject.

alive_hospice_group_shot.jpgEarlier this week, we spent some time at Alive Hospice to help them take down their Christmas lights. We got all bundled up and had a great time. After all, the team that volunteers together, stays together. 

This is the second year we've been able to help Alive with this task, and we hope to make it an annual tradition. Below you'll find a Q&A with their communications manager that may give you a deeper understanding of hospice care.