A Solution for Every Stage of the
Patient Journey

Composed of four purpose-built modules, Pulse intelligently evaluates lengthy patient documentation against an immense data set to surface insights that facilitate prioritized, data-driven care decisions, as well as risk management and resource utilization throughout the patient journey. Pulse users can expect clear benefits, including:

  • Improved intake, focus of care (FOC), and coding accuracy
  • Appropriate visit allocation
  • LUPA reduction
  • Minimization of post-discharge hospitalizations

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The Future of 

Health is Here

Ongoing risk stratification on your patient from a population view

Patient-specific clinical snapshot view fed by visit-by-visit insight throughout an episode of care

Benefit from predictive analytics that inform proactive care to prevent hospitalization

Prevent non-clinical LUPAs with enhanced care coordination

Benefit from risk-based recertification and discharge decision guidance

Track individual patient progress toward HHVBP measures

Medalogix Pulse

Pulse uses data science to predict the likelihood a hospitalization will occur within 14 days using:

  • 11 million+ Home Health visits from a historical data set
  • OASIS, narrative notes, and other assessment data
  • The power of natural language processing & machine learning

This data is culminated to present visit-by-visit risk scores.

The Power of Pulse

A revolutionary home health visit-by-visit resource management solution that uses machine learning to inform the right care at the right time.

Streamline Care Coordination
with Pulse

Effective Care Coordination is essential for patient safety and experience. It can also be challenging due to the remote nature of home health work, lean staffing, and difficulty accessing information in the medical record.

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Insight into Hospitalization Risk Backed by Data Science

Pulse uses data science to objectively deliver a patient’s dynamic, intra-episode risk level or significant change in condition, in an effort to avoid diminished outcomes and hospitalization.

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Pulse is your
Solution for LUPA Management

Unplanned LUPAs present a threat to your agency yet management and prevention can be a primary challenge.

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Ensure the right care at the right time.

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VNA of Florida uses Pulse
to Manage Hospitalization Risk
Medalogix client, Kerri Davies of The VNA of Florida, shares how they leverage Medalogix Pulse to manage TIF/Hospitalization Risk.

Vital Caring uses Pulse
to Empower Clinicians
Medalogix client, Lindsey Wilson of Vital Caring, shares her positive experience using Pulse. It saves time and enables clinicians to make decisions more quickly to empower quality care.

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