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Operate Efficiently and Enhance Quality Patient Care with Pulse

Pulse is software for home healthcare that enables providers to operate efficiently through its machine-learning insights while enhancing quality care.

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Clinical Decision Support

Powered by Machine Learning

Each piece of the Pulse platform drives valuable improvements
to planning, patient care, and documentation throughout the patient journey:

Pre-Admit and Days ~1-10

Pulse Referrals & Admissions

AI-powered review of complete referral records, condensed into a single-page smart summary. Cross-references referral documents, the OASIS assessment, and clinical notes for improved documentation, coding, and reimbursement accuracy.

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Days 5-60

Pulse Episodes

Evaluates clinical data
to stratify patients by risk
for optimal utilization. Provides visit-by-visit
patient snapshots to guide proactive care and improve end-of-episode decisions.

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Pulse Transitions

Compares patients against unmatched industry-wide data to identify those most likely to require end-of-life care, helping providers ensure compassionate end-of-life planning for families.

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Pulse in Practice

The key to optimizing every step within
the patient journey for improved, quality care

Episode Planning 

Process and Support Clinical Decisions

Risk-Based Care

Resources Needed for Referral Growth

Care Coordination 

Objective, Driven, and Purposeful Conversation

Schedule Optimization 

Manage LUPAs
and Gaps in Care that Affect Quality Ratings

Quality Oversight

Leads to
Quality Care and Compliance

Episode Planning 

Streamline Process and Support Clinical Decisions

Clinical alignment on recertification vs discharge can be a challenging and time-consuming process. Determining which patients are high-risk for decline or hospitalization is subjective and anecdotal and operators do not have good visibility into whether the right patients are being recertified.
Pulse is your EMR companion. Use Pulse to consolidate patient data and leverage predictive insights to support end-of-episode decision making. Inaccurate discharges that result in hospitalization can negatively impact quality and patient experience.

Episode Planning

Start of Care

Kelly Stanley, Senior Director of Professional Services, demonstrates Pulse in practice and one of its key use cases: episode planning during the start of care.

Risk Based Care

Allocate Resources Needed

for Referral Growth

Utilization management is complicated, and Pulse can help. By risk-scoring every patient after every visit, Pulse surfaces data-intelligence to inform the appropriate level of risk-based care, surfacing the opportunity to free up resources needed for referral growth and staff satisfaction.

Schedule Optimization

Manage LUPAs and Gaps in Care That Affect Quality Ratings

Unplanned LUPAs are costly and present a threat to your agency yet management and prevention can be a primary challenge. Use Pulse to save time and generate a list of patients with a Scheduled or Potential LUPA. Routinely review Very High/High TIF risk with no visits in more than seven days to maximize quality ratings and minimize gaps in care.

Care Coordination

Facilitate Objective, Driven, and Purposeful Conversation

Care Coordination can be challenging due to the remote nature of home health work, lean staffing, and difficulty accessing information in the medical record. Use Pulse to easily access patient-specific data on a single page and facilitate objective conversations with clinicians, physicians, and other team members with risk-informed insights.

Pulse | Easy as 1-2-3

Quality Oversight

Quality Oversight Leads to Quality Care 

Leverage tools and features within Pulse to manage your quality oversight.  During Clinical Record review access chart audits, identify opportunities for improvement with hospitalization prevention programs, review missed visits and more – in a single view. This data serves as a guide and supports a more objective case conference.

The Future of
Home Health is Here

Ongoing risk stratification on your patient from a population view.

Patient-specific clinical snapshot view fed by visit-by-visit insight throughout an episode of care.

Predictive analytics  inform proactive care to prevent hospitalization.

Track individual patient progress toward HHVBP measures.

Risk-based recertification and discharge decision guidance.

Prevent non-clinical LUPAs with enhanced care coordination.

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