Pulse Transitions

Help patients spend more time in the right care setting

Pulse Transitions analyzes visit-by-visit patient data to provide home health teams with all the information they need to identify and provide better care to patients most likely to benefit from end-of-life care.

Clinical Decision Support,

Powered by Machine Learning

Each piece of the Pulse platform drives valuable improvements
to planning, patient care, and documentation throughout the patient journey:

Pre-Admit and Days ~1-10

Pulse Referrals & Admissions

AI-powered review of complete referral records, condensed into a single-page smart summary. Cross-references referral documents, the OASIS assessment, and clinical notes for improved documentation, coding, and reimbursement accuracy.

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Days 5-60

Pulse Episodes

Evaluates clinical data
to stratify patients by risk
for optimal utilization. Provides visit-by-visit
patient snapshots to guide proactive care and improve end-of-episode decisions.

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Pulse Transitions

Compares patients against unmatched industry-wide data to identify those most likely to require end-of-life care, helping providers ensure compassionate end-of-life planning for families.

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Built to focus your team on risk-based
intervention and improved patient care

  1. Transparent cross-functional workflow management​: Customizable stages and embedded follow-up notes for a tailored transition workflow.
  2. Clear evidence for hospice appropriateness: Surfaces key patient indicators that support hospice candidacy.
  3. Better collaboration with Sticky Notes​: Enables easy cross-functional interactions with home health colleagues.
  4. Clear next steps with outcome recommendations​: Shared guidance in Transitions and Episodes adds visibility for clinical managers.​

Improved patient care, with real operational benefits

Patient risk ranking based on unmatched industry-wide data drives action on every patient who needs it, not just a fixed cross section.

More appropriate patient settings: Decreased deaths on the home health census and increased patient days in hospice.

Visit-by-visit predictive updates and intelligent insights for focused, high-impact care decisions.

Workflow improvements and branch collaboration tools for simplified, efficient care provision.

Right-sized utilization and reduced rehospitalizations, improving both care quality and resource allocation.

Improved care quality and patient satisfaction for a better, more compassionate family experience.

Pulse Transitions

Identify potential hospice patients and coordinate your team

A 2021 study from the Stanford School of Medicine found that although 80% of Americans say they would prefer to die at home, only 20% do. Pulse Transitions supports patients’ wishes, using machine learning to identify patients earlier who are most likely to benefit from hospice. This leads to dramatic improvements in care quality and efficiency.

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The Medalogix Difference

average decrease in deaths on home health census
average reduction in short LoS hospice stays

Increase appropriate billable
hospice days by up to 180%

Our predictive models activate patient data to generate an ordered list of patients to be clinically evaluated for whether hospice is more appropriate for them.

Specifically identifies patients on the home health census who are likely to pass away in the next 90 days.

Provides transparent workflow to move patients through a customized virtual care path toward hospice or further home health care.

Dashboards and reports that monitor utilization and patient outcomes.

Built to clearly focus your team on risk-based intervention and improved patient care

  1. Mortality risk: Improved risk modeling and predictive capacity
  2. Transition to Hospice Workflow: Streamlined cross-functional collaboration for timely care decisions
  3. Flags for major change in condition: Quickly focus on patients whose acuity may require immediate attention

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