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Clinical Decision Making Powered by Machine Learning

Our software solutions help in-home clinicians make data-driven decisions while staying focused on individual care. More informed choices guide patients and their families in finding a way forward under challenging circumstances. Our platform allows organizations like yours to provide the right resources to the right patients while shifting toward value-based care.


Utilization Management and Hospitalization Prevention

A revolutionary home health visit-by-visit resource management solution that uses machine learning to inform the right care at the right time.

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Hospice Care Utilization

A revolutionary hospice visit-by-visit resource management solution that uses machine learning to inform the right care at the right time.

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Medalogix Solutions Overview

Our solutions at a glance

Medalogix is the only data-science company exclusively committed to developing home health and hospice solutions.

Our solutions are centered around 3 guiding principles:

Identify.  Act.  Improve. 


Allow us to do the heavy lifting

The first step is to identify risk and support clinical decision making to improve care. Our solutions do just that. You are busy and we understand. Patient information is often decentralized. Our products leverage and distill the data in your EMR into predictive models that provide you with a single, consolidated patient view to make decisions easier.

Our proprietary machine-learning models analyze over 900 data inputs that support individualized patient care planning with insight into the amount of care necessary, risk of hospitalization, need for additional episodes of care, and risk of mortality


Insights In-Flight

Supplement our solutions’ insights with your experience. You are in control and now armed with more data to act with confidence.

Medalogix solutions support Home Health and Hospice agencies to act on machine learning insights, including natively integrated IVR, customized workflow, customized care review planning, and bi-directional EMR integration.


Combined insight and action for optimal outcomes

The data science used in Medalogix solutions support a positive patient impact. Medalogix tracks actions associated with insights provided to each clinician, which helps our clients understand the impact of deploying our solutions and opportunities for improvement. Medalogix clients have seen:

  • A 2.4 visit reduction per 60 day episode
  • A 41% reduction in hospitalization rate
  • A 30% reduction in earlier deaths on hospice census
  • Medalogix clients received up to 70% reduction in deaths on Home Health Agency census
  • 180% increase in billable hospice days
  • Over 46% increase of visits in the last week of life


It’s transformational. It’s a mix of the art and science of healthcare. It combines the sacred calling of care — which is why I got into it — with a partner on the data-science piece.”

– Charlotte Mather, VP of Nursing, Hospice; AccentCare

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