[row][col sm_width="10" sm_offset="1"]I coveted the iPad for years. All of my friends had them and I loved my iPhone, so I knew the iPad would be perfect for me. After a year of window-shopping, my parents took the hint and surprised me with a brand new iPad2 for Christmas. I was so excited about it. That day I loaded at least 20 apps onto the device and played with it incessantly for the next week. [/col][/row]

[row][col sm_width="10" sm_offset="1"]As the Affordable Care Act drives all healthcare providers to find ways to improve outcomes in an environment of declining reimbursements, it’s important to consider how healthcare as a whole can increase efficiencies by providing hospice and palliative plans to those end-of-life patients who need it most. A few facts to consider: [/col][/row]

[row][col sm_width="10" sm_offset="1"]From Medalogix to Stratasan, the third batch of Middle Tennessee’s most distinctive, innovative and interesting IT companies Published November 15, 2012 by NashvillePost.com The Nashville area’s most distinctive and fascinating IT entities deliver a certain innovation and impact, positively affecting various industry sectors and — in the process — our region’s economy.[/col][/row]

[row][col sm_width="10" sm_offset="1"]By Daniel Hogan – CEO, Medalogix – From the Home Health Strategic Management Newsletter The institution of heavy fines in 2012 for hospitals with readmission problems has turned the existing success measures in healthcare upside down. The issue of readmission reduction has become a topic on par with the Y2K phenomenon of 15 years ago, only this issue will amount to something previously unseen in healthcare management. Part of that something is the recalibration of relationships between hospital systems and their post-acute partners, initiated by the 30-day readmission provision, which took effect in October of last year. In home health, we are in business with the hospital systems as they seek tools and technologies to remediate this potentially financially catastrophic reality.[/col][/row]

[row][col sm_width="10" sm_offset="1"]ageinplacetech.com NASHVILLE, Tenn., April 25, 2012 – Alternate Solutions Healthcare System, a nationally recognized post-acute healthcare provider based out ofDayton, Ohio, has partnered with Medalogix, a Nashville-based technology company, to use a proprietary predictive modeling tool that seeks to reducere-hospitalization rates and boost quality of care for patients. Alternate Solutions is the first home care agency in the state of Ohio to deploy the revolutionary clinical toolset.[/col][/row]

[row][col sm_width="10" sm_offset="1"] They can be affordable for small companies By Stephanie Bouchard, Managing Editor NEW GLOUCESTER, ME – Business intelli- gence tools are often touted as business must- haves, but many small medical practices and other small healthcare companies worry about the cost of such tools. BI experts and users say there are affordable options out there. [/col][/row]