client_experience_team.jpgMeet the fabulous client experience team (Carleen Rogers not pictured). We're a group of passionate folks who love helping our clients get the most out of our home health analytics technology--all so they can best help their home health and hospice patients and grow their organizations. 

nashville_technology_company_medalogix.pngI am relatively new to working here at Medalogix--a Nashville technology company. I have only been here for 2 months but am loving every bit of it. Some of it has to do with my short commute to our office in Germantown. Most of it has to do with the culture here at Medalogix and specifically the developer experience.

medalogix_home_health_technology_users_conference.jpgIn April, we held our very first Users Conference. The goal was to foster an environment where our rockstar home health clients could all come together in a community forum to discuss best practices, network and discuss future technology enhancement opportunities.

In a small healthcare analytics software company the work we do is always changing. The mentality of ‘hang on or get off’ is palpable. and exhilarating. We can do hard things.

Dan-Hogan-300x199.pngWhen South by Southwest organizers approached our CEO, Dan Hogan, about being a part of 2016’s lineup, he didn’t think twice before accepting. Not only would he get the opportunity to coach and brainstorm with eager startup entrepreneurs, but he’d have full access to the conference which included a keynote by President Obama.

Growing up, my Dad was always comfortable talking about his own death.

In my short tenure as a product designer, I’ve been through some interesting experiences with our products. Here are a few things I’ve learned …

With Medalogix being headquartered in Nashville, TN you might not expect to see a blog discuss the similarities between analytics-based home health population health management and a surf break. If you bear with me for about 800 words, I promise I’ll connect the dots.