What A Harvard Student Says About Medalogix And Nashville

Alert: Shameless bragging ahead. We apologize in advance.

We were selected out of nearly 500 entries as finalists in Harvard University’s Health Acceleration Challenge. (See our CEO presenting at their forum below.)

Not only were we recognized on a national scale for the honor, but Harvard University actually wrote a case study on the work we’re doing in end-of-life analytics that is used as a teaching tool in their MBA classes. We’re honored to be a part of Harvard’s curriculum. (Hey we warned you about the bragging. Sorry. We’re just still really pumped about it.)

We recently received the email below from a Harvard MBA candidate. We wanted to share a few excerpts because it highlights interest in two things we’re really passionate about– our technology’s positive patient impact and Nashville. Check it out. 


I hope this email finds you well. I am a second year MBA student at Harvard Business School who is passionate about applying technology to improve value in the health care system. We recently covered the Medalogix case in my Transforming Health Care Delivery class, and I was excited to see a Nashville-based company headlining a case.

My fiancé and I are currently considering moving to Nashville next summer after I complete my MBA. I have a background in medical device engineering and operations and I am looking for a company in which I can make an impact on improving the health care system for patients.

I was enthused to learn about [Medalogix’s] run club, track suit Tuesdays, and white boards and would love to learn more. 

We encourage other healthcare startups to apply for Harvard’s Health Acceleration Challenge. It’s helped us gain momentum and in turn, affect the lives of more patients.