Tennessean: Medalogix Awarded Metro Grant For Adding Jobs

August 24, 2015

Nashville’s Metro council recently recognized our company for adding jobs to the local economy. The Tennessean’s Getahn Wardcovered the story, here.

Health care analytics company adds 13 employees, including a veteran.

On Tuesday, the Metro Industrial Development Board approved the grantpending thehealthcare analytics company submitting certain paperwork.

Medalogix becomes the secondrecipient under the program Metro Council passed that gives a one-time grant to small businesses of 100 employees or fewer if they create 10 jobs in Davidson County over a one-year period.

Under an amendment that lowered the job creation threshold from 20 employees, those workers only have to be paid 80 percent of the average wage rather than the average wage.

Aspire Health was the first to take advantage of the jobs grant,receivinga $14,500 grant earlier this year for adding 28 jobs.

Medalogix will get$500 for hiring 12 non-veterans and $750 for aveteran.

The company,which focuses on the home health and hospice niches, has 24 employeesmostly in Nashville.

Dan Hogan, Medalogix’spresidentand CEO, expects to add up to sixmore by year’s end.

“The implementation of health care reformand what that is doing to payment models in the post-acute care space is really driving the need for our products and services,”he said.

Medalogix break downs clinical data to determinewhich patients are most at riskof going back into the hospital,suffering an adverseevent or of dying. The company also helps clientswithimplementing clinicalpractices to reducethose risks.

So far, three owners ordevelopers of commercial propertyhave taken advantage of the blighted property portion of the Small Business Incentive Program.

In other action Tuesday, the Industrial Development Boardgave its nod to Metro Council’s previous approval of anincrease in the annual incentive grant due to HCA for seven years by $350,000.

That’s based on700 new jobs the Nashville-based hospital chainis bringing to the Dell and AIG campuses in Davidson County.

The board in its role as apassthrough entity also approveda state FastTrack grant to insurerAIG.

*Originally published inThe Tennessean.

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