January 26, 2022

With Medalogix Muse, TransitionsCare sees more than 50 percent increase in visits
in the final week of life

NASHVILLE – The Naperville, IL-based Transitions Care prides itself on ensuring patients receive the right resources at the right time to support their clinical and emotional needs. With the support of the Medalogix Muse hospice predictive analytics solution, Transitions has seen a more than a 50 percent rise in home visits to patients during the final week of life, increasing from an average of six visits to more than nine for patients placed on the Muse End-of-Life Program.

“Muse allowed us to more quickly identify patients in decline and proactively recognize that we have a patient that is having a significant change,” says Melissa Popp, RN, CHPN, Executive Director of Transitions Care Illinois. “Muse gives us a bird’s eye view, allowing us to view key patient-information quickly and efficiently.”

By considering more than 900 assessment points, Muse categorizes and emphasizes those patients who would most benefit from additional visits via deep-neural machine learning that continually updates and provides insights that the care team may otherwise miss.

For example, Popp says, “One of the regional directors of nursing said there was a young cancer patient who had a change from a previous visit the day before [requiring additional care]. The Director said that the patient was not even on her radar.”

Started in 2007, Transitions provides end-of-life and symptom management care services in Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, and Pennsylvania. Transitions first deployed Medalogix Muse in June 2021. Transitions Chief Compliance Officer Heidi Krug notes that Transitions has deployed a variety of applications across the enterprise, yet Muse supports the most seamless integration.

“We have a platform and an integration that we are very pleased with,” Krug says. “Our field clinicians find Muse very easy and user friendly. On the backend, we’re able to collect and review data quickly. It’s accurate information, it’s timely, and it really gives us the tools we need to manage our day-to-day operations.”

“Muse reflects the Medalogix commitment to provide the best possible clinical decision support for hospice care,” Medalogix President and CEO Elliott Wood says. “Working with forward-thinking partners like Transitions, the level of responsiveness, attention, and care quality that patients receive will only continue to improve.”

About Transitions

Transitions Care was founded in 2007 by owner and founder Jim Palazzo under the Transitions Group conglomerate. Jim’s mission and vision was to create a comprehensive line of services – including primary care, symptom and chronic care management, and end of life care – that would serve chronically and terminally ill patients in the comfort of their homes. Today, the mission of Transitions is to maximize patients’ comfort and quality of life during the time they have remaining. Care teams specialize in supporting individuals and families who are facing the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual challenges confronted when dealing with a chronic or terminal illness. At Transitions, it’s about living!

About Medalogix
Founded in 2012, Medalogix is a one-of-a-kind data analytics company in the post-acute care space.Transforming home health and hospice agencies by leveraging cutting-edge data science, machinelearning and innovative cloud technology to equip clinicians and agencies to provide the right care at theright time. The company’s five machine learning products have demonstrated improved patient outcomes,and reduced cost to the healthcare system, including reduced hospitalization, appropriate and timelytransitions to end-of-life care, and optimized visit utilization for patients. For more information, please visitMedalogix at follow us on LinkedIn @Medalogix.

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