PRESS RELEASE: Kare-In-Home Hospice Successfully Adopts Medalogix Muse

December 07, 2021

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Dec. 7, 2021 — Kare-In-Home Hospice of Gulfport, Mississippi adopts Medalogix Muse’s machine learning tool to deliver an increased level of personalized care to their patients.

The Medalogix Muse technology evaluates and models every clinical assessment, medication, vital sign, and other relevant data to perform a risk stratification of hospice patients. The tool then highlights the patients with the most critical needs and visually alerts the agency to perform additional care. Medalogix Muse identifies patients as “Critical,” which means they have a greater than 90% likelihood of passing in the next 7-10 days. Users are also able to make accurate changes to care plans based on the condition and location of the patient. When agencies leverage Medalogix Muse’s powerful machine learning tool, they have an advantage and data proven outcomes to demonstrate they are providing more care and better care to patients at the end of life.

According to President of Kare-In-Home Hospice, Chad Blalack, the Medalogix Muse tool has helped the team provide catered care to their patients. “I’ve always been impressed by the tool. It has helped us better care for our patients when they needed it most,” said Blalack.

The team at Kare-In-Home has also vastly improved the number of visits provided to their most critical patients. “Before we used the Muse tool, we averaged about 6.78 visits per patient in the final week of life. Now we’re currently at 9.86 visits per patient in the final week of life, for those patient’s that Muse is flagging for our end-of-life program. Increasing visits for critical patients was always a goal of ours to do, but we never had a tool to help direct our resources to do it.”

“We are proud to deepen our partnership with Kare-In-Home with their implementation of Muse”, say Elliott Wood, President and CEO of Medalogix, “As an early adopter of Medalogix Bridge, which identifies home health patients who are more appropriate for hospice, Chad and his team have always demonstrated dedication to ensuring each patient receives the care they need at the end of life.”

About Kare-In-Home Hospice

Kare-In-Home Health Services is a family-owned operation based in Gulfport, Mississippi. It has proudly served the state of Mississippi since 1975. Each patient’s care at Kare-In-Home is customized to reflect their needs, values and choices. For more information, visit

About Medalogix

Founded in 2012, Medalogix is a one-of-a-kind data analytics company in the post-acute care space.  Transforming home health and hospice agencies by leveraging cutting-edge data science, machine learning and innovative cloud technology to equip clinicians and agencies to provide the right care at the right time.  The company’s five machine learning products have demonstrated improved patient outcomes, and reduced cost to the healthcare system, including reduced hospitalization, appropriate and timely transitions to end-of-life care, and optimized visit utilization for patients.  For more information, please visit Medalogix at or follow us on LinkedIn @Medalogix.

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