PRESS RELEASE: Fierce Innovation Awards Announces Medalogix AS Finalist

September 28, 2016

Nashville, TN – September 27, 2016 Medalogix announced today that is has been selected as a finalist in this year’s Fierce Innovation Awards: Healthcare Edition 2016, an awards program from the publisher of FierceHealthcare, FierceHealthIT, and FierceHealthPayer.

Medalogix was selected as a finalist for its innovative, industry leading product, Sunleaper.

Sunleaper (named after a Star Wars name generator) is a home health utilization management and care planning tool that leverages prescriptive analytics (the third and highest tier of analytics) to recommend home health patient care plans (disciplines and frequencies) based on the historical analysis of tens of thousands of patient records, care plans and outcomes.

The prescriptive analytics technology designs individualized patient care plans around CMS’s 10 value-based purchasing outcome measures. For instance, the technology can analyze John Jones’ health information and based on how Jones’ unique health status compares to millions of patients’ outcomes before him, the technology will prescribe four weeks of skilled nursing three times a week, three weeks of physical therapy two times a week and so on. If followed, Jones’ will likely achieve the most efficient and effective outcomes as defined by CMS’s outcome measures. Vanderbilt data scientists peer reviewed Medalogix’s models and found them to be more accurate than the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ (CMS) publicly available risk adjustment models.

Traditionally, care plans are determined based on merely a patient’s diagnosis. So if you have CHF, you will be treated just like every other CHF patient–even though you have a completely different lifestyle, history, etc. In some cases, these diagnosis-specific care plans were written years ago and are applied rote. Previously that was the only way to treat large numbers of patients but that isn’t the reality anymore. Uniformity is often the enemy of a positive health outcome. Sunleaper has the power to look beyond diagnosis to craft the most statistically effective personalized, dynamic care plan. This will improve care and reduce costs dramatically and align home health agencies around CMS’s value based purchasing program.

Finalists were selected by a distinguished panel of CIOs from renowned U.S. hospitals and healthcare systems, including Aspirus, Cook Children’s Health Care System, and JFK Health System, among others.

All applications were evaluated based on the following criteria: care efficiency, competitive advantage, financial impact/value, market need, patient experience/satisfaction, quality of care and patient outcomes, and overall fierceness and innovation. Finalists were selected based on calculation of the judges’ scores in each area.

“Our team has been working hard creating a solution we believe will transform care delivery for the better. We couldn’t be more excited to be recognized as finalists,” said Medalogix CEO, Dan Hogan.

To learn more about Medalogix visit,

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About Medalogix

Medalogix is a Nashville-based healthcare technology company that provides analytics, workflows and business intelligence solutions to home health providers so they can improve care and reduce costs. Founded in 2012 by former home health agency owner Dan Hogan, Medalogix has been recognized by Harvard University, HIMSS and more as an innovative solution that’s improving America’shealthcaresystem. Medalogix currently offers three population health solutions: Touch, which automates a home health clinical team’s touchpoints to reduce avoidable hospital readmissions, Bridge, which helps identify and inform patients who would benefit from hospice care and Nurture which helps identify and manage current and former patients who would benefit from additional care. New to the market this year, Medalogix also offers a prescriptive analytics solution; Sunleaper, which leverages prescriptive analytics to recommend home health patient care plans based on the historical analysis of tens of thousands of patient records, careplansand outcomes.

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