PRESS RELEASE: Encompass HHA leverages Medalogix’s predictive analytics and automated calling solution to provide value-based care

May 21, 2016

Encompass Home Health & Hospice leverages Medalogix’s predictive analytics and automated calling solution to provide value-based care and reduce the risk of avoidable transfers by more than 50 percent

Dallas, Texas, May 25, 2016 — Encompass Home Health & Hospice, a national leader in home health and hospice, decreased the risk of avoidable transfers by more than 50 percent after leveraging Medalogix Touch, a predictive modeling and automated calling solution. This benefit is consistent with peer-reviewed results achieved by other providers using Medalogix Touch. The technology is also helping Encompass meet the needs of value-based purchasing and serve its Bundled Payment for Care Improvement (BPCI) populations.

“As the industry shifts from volume to value we want to ensure we maintain the highest care quality while improving efficiency,” said April Anthony, Encompass’s CEO. “Touch allows us to deploy more touchpoints with the right patients at the right time, which ensures our patients receive the utmost in care quality while our agency works to meet the needs of value-based care. It’s a win win.”

In March of 2015 Encompass directors initiated a Medalogix Touch pilot as a solution to better manage their entire BPCI population. Since Touch can monitor and call patients beyond the 60-day care episode, Encompass leaders viewed the tool as a solution that could help ensure care continuity—especially for those patients in a 90-day bundle. After success with the pilot, Encompass directors further deployed the solution amid value-based purchasing.

Touch analyzes patient data to identify and rank patients who could benefit from additional touchpoints—those who are at risk of transferring off census within 30 days. It then helps direct clinicians to act upon these predictive insights by automating touchpoints with its interactive voice response (IVR) component and or by identifying patients who could benefit from face-to-face visits through risk ranking or concerning call alerts.

While Encompass deployed high-risk calls prior to Touch, they did not have a system to predict which patients were in need and then rank them accordingly.

“We didn’t have the analytics in place that helped to rank these patients with higher needs, which limited our ability to measure and compare patient cohorts. With Touch, we know we’re calling the right patients. Medalogix has helped us narrow our focus and improve our productivity,” said Janice Riggins, Encompass’s vice president of clinical transformation.

Further, prior to leveraging Touch’s IVR system, Encompass field clinicians were responsible for the high-risk calls, which took away from face-to-face time with patients.

“Patients love it because they’re getting the attention they need and clinicians love it because it’s relieving them of calls and freeing them to spend their time doing what they do best—caring for patients.”

“Another benefit to IVR is its ability to help address non clinical needs,” said Dan Hogan, Medalogix’s founder and CEO. “Some patients are not in need of clinical intervention but in need of behavioral and social interaction. An automated call can help with that. There’s a peace of mind associated with knowing you’re going to be checked in on at a cadence that’s appropriate for you.”

Encompass uses Touch in conjunction with Medalogix’s two other analytics-based solutions, Bridge and Nurture. The technology trifecta is helping Encompass achieve clinical transformation and ensure patients at varying points in their care journeys receive the right care at the right time.

About Encompass Home Health and Hospice

Encompass, headquartered in Texas, was founded in 1998 and is one of the largest Medicare certified Home Health, Hospice and Pediatric services providers in the nation—serving more than 65,000 patients annually. The healthcare provider, acquired byHealthSouth Corporationin 2014, is an industry leader in patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes. With locations across the nation, its team of healthcare professionals delivers comprehensive care to keep adults, children and adolescents on the path toward positive results. Encompass is also a proud 2016 Fortune Magazine “100 Best Companies to Work for.”

About Medalogix:

Medalogix is a Nashville-based healthcare technology company that provides analytics, workflows and business intelligence solutions to home health providers so they can improve care and reduce costs. Founded in 2012 by former home health agency owner Dan Hogan, Medalogix has been recognized by Harvard University, HIMSS and Fierce Healthcare IT as an innovative solution that’s improving America’s healthcare system. Medalogix currently offers three solutions: Touch, which automates a home health clinical team’s touchpoints, Bridge, which helps identify and inform patients who would benefit from hospice care and Nurture which helps identify and manage former patients who could benefit from additional care. Medalogix is located in Nashville, Tennessee. For more information, please visit Medalogix at or follow on Twitter at: @Medalogix.

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