Nashville Medical News: Medalogix Releases End-of-Episode Planning Solution

February 11, 2016


Our end-of-episode (EOE) planning solutionprovides data-driven clinical insight to help caregivers objectively identify if a patient is ready for discharge. Here’s Nashville Medical News‘ coverage of our EOE solution.

Medalogix Releases End-of-Episode Planning Solution

Nashville-based Medalogix recently released its new analytics-based end-of-episode (EOE) planning solution for home health agencies after concluding beta-testing.

The solution was designed to give home health caregivers more objectivity during the Home Health Agency (HHA) recertification process, wherein the physician decides after a 60-day episode of care (EOC) whether a patient is ready for discharge, or if the patient needs to remain on the agency’s patient census for an additional EOC. The hope is that if caregivers can more objectively identify patients at high risk of having a condition worsen, then rehospitalizations might be avoided.

Medalogix CEO Dan Hogan said the tool fills a void in the market by offering data-driven clinical insight for determining whether a patient needs another round of care or if they are ready for discharge.

*Originally published inNashville Medical News.


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