Mission Healthcare Uses Medalogix Muse to Optimize Care

July 28, 2021

*Content adapted from June 22, 2021 webinar with Home Health Care News. Catch the full presentation on demand here >>

The drive to provide exceptional care to patients is a top priority for hospice agencies that manage several clinicians and residents. When patients are in abundance, it becomes increasingly difficult to prioritize the most critical patients without essential data to guide clinical judgement. Thankfully, Medalogix Muse is on the market to address this exact issue. The predictive, machine-learning solution provides the necessary tools to clinical directors and field clinicians to care for critical patients and effectively manage resources. 

Keeping track of multiple patients

One of the daily challenges clinicians face is the ability to keep track of a single patient’s condition in the midst of numerous other patients on census. Often, clinicians must examine individual charts and care plans for every patient they’re responsible for and then execute appropriate care based on their often-subjective clinical observations. This process is tiring and remains to be an ineffective manner of care delivery to patients.  

Additionally, differences in clinical assessments amongst clinicians exacerbates the problem. At times, clinicians assess a patient differently when they visit and observe for certain conditions. This causes confusion and difficulty when care is administered to patients.  

In our recent webinar hosted by Home Health Care News, Paul VerHoeve, CEO of Mission Healthcare, noted this exact problem within his own organization. “We wanted to reaffirm our clinicians’ judgement and provide optimal care backed by data as opposed to just a feeling.” 

Seeking Medalogix Muse as a solution

As a result, VerHoeve and team looked to Medalogix Muse as a solution. The team uses the Medalogix Muse product to garner insights and optimize care for their patients. As they harness predictive modeling technology to intervene earlier, they’re able to make better decisions for more personalized care and improve patient outcomes. Mission is now able to ensure every patient receives the care and comfort they need in their final days.  

The Medalogix Muse solution takes advantage of the implemented documentation within the EMR. This allows an agency to implement the tool without disruption. The product evaluates and models every clinical assessment, medication, vital sign, and other relevant data to perform a risk stratification of these patients. The product then highlights the patients with the most critical needs and visually alerts the agency to perform additional care. Medalogix Muse identifies patients as “Critical,” which means they have a greater than 90 percent likelihood of passing in the next seven to 10 days. Users are also able to make accurate changes to care plans based on the condition and location of the patient. When agencies use the Medalogix Muse’s powerful machine-learning solution, they have an advantage and data-proven outcomes to demonstrate they are providing better care to patients in transition.  

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Did you happen to miss the webinar with Mission Healthcare and Medalogix? Watch it on demand now.

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