Health IT Outcomes: Jordan Health Services Increases Patient Longevity x3

October 05, 2015

hito_logo.jpgA shoutout to our client, Jordan Health Services, who was recently featured in Health IT Outcomes for thewonderful work they’re accomplishing in end-of-life care!

Jordan Health Services Increases Hospice Patient Longevity By Three Times

Jordan Health Services, a leading Texas home health and hospice provider, has increased its patients’ longevity in hospice care by nearly 300 percent since September 2014. They attribute this success to enhancements to their processes, people and culture, as well as new technology – namely, Medalogix’s end-of-life analytics and workflow technology solution Medalogix Bridge.

“When patients receive their hospice benefits longer, their care quality is significantly improved,” said Justin Miller, director of synergy at Jordan Health Services. “Appropriate patients who opt for hospice are able to enjoy more time free from pain and surrounded by their loved ones at home. Hospice patients aim for more time to live the end of their lives. We’re giving it to them.”

In September 2014, Jordan implemented Medalogix Bridge technology in three of its 11 branches. By February 2015, Jordan had implemented the analytics solution across all branches. The technology leverages predictive analytics to identify home health patients who could most benefit from hospice care. These patients are highlighted in a risk ranking according to their relative appropriateness for hospice. From there, Bridge helps organize and operationalize the necessary steps from patient identification to having a conversation with the patient about his or her end-of-life care options.

Prior to implementing Medalogix, Jordan’s clinicians would comb through electronic medical record (EMR) reports and clinician notes to list hospice-appropriate patients on a spreadsheet. This process was time-consuming and inefficient. Medalogix saves time and improves accuracy by applying its algorithms to an organization’s EMR data to highlight appropriate patients sooner.

“The extra time Medalogix gives us by quickly flagging patients is invaluable,” said Miller.

In addition to investing in technology, Jordan has also refocused some of its people and processes while recharging its culture to achieve patient-focused care and business growth goals.

People and Process: To ensure the technology’s success and further emphasize care coordination, Jordan Health Services created a home health and hospice synergy team. The team is comprised of centrally located hospice clinicians who monitor Medalogix’s risk ranking and then dig deeper into each patient’s record to confirm a patient’s hospice appropriateness. At that point, a synergy team member reaches out to a representative at the home health branch caring for the patient and the patient’s primary care physician. Together, everyone discusses the patient in question and determines the appropriate next steps. This is one of two synergy programs in the country.

“Our unaffiliated synergy coordinators are unbiased and so is Medalogix. That’s why this is working cohesively and effectively,” said Miller. “We’re just looking at the facts to help determine the best care pathway for each patient. That can be hard for team members at the branch level to do because they’re so busy and may not be able to see the overall picture.”

To further ensure alignment, care coordination and a patient focus, Jordan relies on case conferences. This is a weekly meeting where company leadership, clinicians from each home health branch and hospice clinicians from the synergy team join together to discuss each patient’s care plans.

Culture: While Jordan has always focused on the patient, they’ve invested in education and team-building to reframe day-to-day business conversations from being branch- or division-focused to having a company-wide patient focus. Each branch is working to ensure the right patients get the right care, in the right venue and at the right time.

“It’s the blend of people, processes and technology that is improving our patients’ care quality and our business,” said Miller. “All elements must work together. Without the right people, processes and technology it won’t improve your organization or patient care. Similarly, without technology, your organization won’t thrive in today’s healthcare landscape.”

About Jordan Health Services
Jordan Health Services provides in home care to patients in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Texarkana, Arkansas, including personal care services, home management, pediatric services, skilled care and hospice.

Currently based in Dallas, Texas Jordan Health Services was founded in 1975 by Joe and Jean Jordan in Mount Vernon, Texas with a mission to,“Preserve our clients’ independence and dignity by providing comprehensive care in the home delivered by professional and compassionate caregivers.” Today, Jordan serves over 25,000 patients in partnership with Cima Hospice, HealthCare Innovations Private Services and PrimeCare Home Health. Jordan accepts Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance as reimbursement for services and accepts patients for care regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, marital or veteran status, disability or medical condition, gender or age, or any other category protected by law, or decisions regarding Advanced Directives.

About Medalogix
Medalogix is a Nashville-based healthcare technology company that provides analytics and workflows to home health providers so they can improve care and reduce costs. Founded in 2012 by former home health agency owner Dan Hogan, Medalogix has been recognized by Harvard University, HIMSS and Fierce Healthcare IT as an innovative solution that’s improving America’s healthcare system. Medalogix currently offers two solutions: Touch, which automates a home health clinical team’s touchpoints, and Bridge, which helps identify and inform patients who would benefit from hospice care. Medalogix is located in Nashville, Tennessee. For more information, visit

SOURCE: Jordan Health Services

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