Association For Long Term Care Planning: Experts On Long-term Care And Successful Aging Talk About 2016’s Highlights

January 10, 2017

ALTCP reached out to get our insights on the most impactful industry events of 2016. They included our CEO’s perspectives in their expert roundup panel. Check it out.

Home health value-based purchasing has captured my attention. Patrick Conway stated at VNAA’s policy conference that the program hit its 2016 year-end goals in January 2016–that shows their commitment and urgency to the program.

VBP gives home health providers specific measures that determine patient success. As a home health analytics company leader, this allows us to create specific and targeted analytical models that will help providers predict their patients’ likelihoods of achieving those outcomes and then act to improve patient outcomes. We know analytics is the key in a VBP landscape.


Earlier this year, the Facebook Elder Orphan Group launched and now helps guide over 4,000 members facing grave concerns such as minimal options for transportation, affordable housing, work, senior care, social connections, and health care.One of my 2017 goals is to build upon the energy and initiate ideas and programs that enhance healthier and connected lifestyles for adults aging alone.

Anthony Cirillo

Hands down the results of the election will impact aging issues and possibly take attention away from them. Scenarios suggest that there would be more uninsured if the Affordable Care Act is overturned. And with premiums rising already because the risk pool is not spread out, this will be exacerbated if the mandate to buy insurance is repealed.All this does is continue to focus issues on hospital health care. Entitlement programs are up in the air too and could impact boomers significantly. There was some hope that paid family leave would become reality and that possibility is less likely with the new administration. There has been virtually no talk on containing costs, paying for long-term care or addressing caregiver issues.

Kathy Birkett

Without a doubt, the most important event this year that could eventually result in an impact to aging seniors and their caregivers was the election of Donald Trump as president.

The uncertainty at this time of how his policies will impact Social Security benefits, Medicare insurance, caregiver support bills that were coming along to give tax credits for caring, and the overall change in the economy are concerns for all of us as caregivers and aging citizens.Only time will tell how we will be affected.

This uncertainty should be leading us all to take steps to improve our own financial plan so that we can care for our needs as we age because we may not be able to depend on government support.

Michelle Seitzer

One of the most disturbing stories to circulate the web was this NPR piece on elder exploitation through social media: Social Media Abuse of Nursing Home Residents Often Goes Unchecked.It really raised a number of essential questions and conversations regarding the regulation of caregivers’ use of social media (both in public community/private home settings) in terms of medical privacy and human dignity. It also brought to light this new way of committing elder abuse.

I was also disappointed yet again to see such limited—almost non-existent, really—coverage of important senior care/caregiving issues in the Presidential campaigns. So much of the population is touched by caregiving, and older adults are the fastest growing demographic. Why they failed to speak to that powerful portion of the American public is beyond me.

Connie Chow

One of the most significant changes this year is the privatization of PACE programs.Traditionally, only non-profits have been allowed to operate these Medicare programs that help keep seniors out of nursing homes. Now, the program has been opened to for-profit companies, as well. This change could speed the expansion of these essential services and improve the quality of life for even more older adults.

David Bernard

2016 saw a number of my clients losing their Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid benefits. New regulations required that people fill out lengthy questionnaires and provide documentation that they could not understand or did not have.Most of these people do not have lawyers or family to follow up for them, and they were just dropped from the roles. This was the year of recognizing the needs of the Elder Orphan. Hopefully, 2017 will be the year we do something about it.

Lisa Treadwell

Hands down, the most significant event in senior real estate, in 2016 was the Legacy Conference. It was clear from this event the presenters, keynote speaker, and attendees have a passion for helping seniors and adult children navigate through the downsizing process.From finding safe housing, dealing with a house full of possessions, and consulting seniors and their family members, to just simply listening with compassion, the Legacy Conference allows attendees to lean into their passion for helping aging clients. Attendees left feeling energized and with action items they could take back to their markets and implement immediately. Chris and Nikki Buckelew have found their gift for coaching, training, and consulting and are helping others around the country do it at a high level, too!

Violet Swenson

We’ve had an exciting year with!

We recently launched the revamped website which now features new tools and updates for our growing pool of clients. We’ve also been working tirelessly toward a better future for the older generations, and we’re happy to say that it has been an inspiring time for everyone in the team.We’ve also been working on new, exciting projects that I can’t talk about yet. You’ll have to wait and see!

Samantha Stein

The holidays bring an atmosphere of joy and excitement in everyone. Yes, we have all had our ups and downs this year—some might even say that this has been the most challenging year—but let us all make an effort to look back with positivity. Let us all concentrate on the good, see how far we have all come, and how much we have in store next year. Let us all continue to work toward ensuring every person’s golden years shines bright!

What are your 2016 highlights and New Year’s resolutions? We’d love to hear about your year and your plans for the next year, so don’t forget to let us know in the comments section. Enjoy a safe and fun-filled Christmas, everyone!

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