Additional Benefits Of Our Home Health And Hospice Technologies

August 02, 2016

Forward-thinking home health providers initially implement our home health and hospice technologies to realize patient-improvement benefits like:

  • Appropriate readmission reduction (MedalogixTouch)
  • Timely hospice-appropriate patient identification (MedalogixBridge)
  • Former patient engagement optimization (MedalogixNurture)

While they experience the benefits they bargained for, they often realize additional efficiencies as they further deploy and adopt our home health and hospice technology solutions.

For instance:


Touchis designed to identify and help home health providers increase touchpoints with patients who need them most–those at risk of transferring off census. Many agencies use it to help them manage their BPCI and VBP populations.

While this tool was designed to help caregivers better manage and care for their patient populations, we find home health sales and marketing teams are eager to leverage the technology as well.

Many of our home health partners’ sales and marketing teams leverage Touch’s referral source report to engage with prospective hospital referral sources and maintain relationships with existing discharge planners. The referral source report highlights how many of the referral source’s referred patients were saved from unnecessarily returning to the hospital. The report also displays those patientswith a penalized diagnosis who were saved from an avoidable readmission. (See examples below)


Bridgeis designed to add predictive insights and operational efficiency to dual home health and hospice providers’ hospice transition process–all to transition the right patients to hospice at the right time and provide hospice beneficiaries higher quality of life at the end of life. (See Bridge patient risk stratification screen below.)

While patients are experiencing improved end-of-life care quality (a peer reviewed study shows Bridge decreases the risk of early death on hospice by 30%), providers are gaining insights into operation logjams that are impeding care quality and business growth.

Several home health and hospice dual operators learned many home health patients were transferring to external hospices after our tool tracked and displayed their external referral report. While a patient has that right, our home health client realized many of these external transferred patients weren’t even aware our client had an internal hospice. Our tool pinpointed the fact that our client needed to do a better job marketing its internal hospice service line.


Nurtureadds predictive insights and operational efficiency to home health providers’ post-discharged patient calling programs. Nurture enables home health providers to stay in touch with patients and identify those who may need additional home care to avoid an ER visit or worse. (See stratification below.)

While our home health clients who use Nurture are able to better ensure their former patients continue to thrive, they’re also able to gain insight into important metrics like:

  • The time between home health referral and start of care
  • The number of calls required to understand and re-engage a former patient who is in need of additional care

By leveraging our analytics-based solutions, your patients are sure to experience improved care quality and your business is sure to experience operational enhancements.

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