A New Year And A New Home Health Analytics Technology

December 29, 2015

While some usher in the New Year with parties and champage, we thought we’d recognize 2016 with a new home health analytics technology–and maybe some champage.

MedalogixNurture, coming to you in early 2016, helps home health providers nurture current and former patients who may need additional episodes of care.

To give you a reason to celebrate the latest addition to our product suite, we’re giving you TWO MONTHS FREEwhen you sign up for a demo. That’s right, all you have to do is see the technology in action and we’ll give you two months free when you purchase.

And hey, even you don’t end up purchasing, it’s always a good idea to get a personalized presentation of thelatest technology solutions in the home health industry.

We promise you wont’ be disappointed. Here’s the skinny on Nurture.

MedalogixNurturelets you leverage predictive analytics to identify patients who may need additional care in the future.

The solution combines an EOE planning tool with a discharged-patient monitoring and calling tool that facilitates contact with current and former patients who may need your care again—all to ensure the patients who need you most, continue to receive the care they need.

While most organizations without Medalogix Nurture initiate discharged-calling programs by exporting a recently discharged list from their EMR, tracking it in a spreadsheet or within a CRM and then calling hundreds to thousands of discharged patients every month, Nurture adds analytics and workflow to the process. This centralizes, streamlines and expedites the programs. All information is easily managed in the Medalogix product suite.

When implemented, this solution helps:

  • Easily view which current and former patients would benefit from an additional care episode
  • Pinpoint operational improvement opportunities to further improve care
  • Increase efficiency of discharged or aftercare programs
  • Decrease time spent reviewing and calling patients

Here’s how:

  • Identify. Medalogix Nurture analyzes your EMR data and ranks patients according to their probability of needing additional care. Armed with this information, planners and discharged-patient callers can easily view which current and former patients would benefit from an additional care. Users can filter these identified patients by branch.
  • Act. Medalogix Nurture doesn’t stop after delivering insights. The technology facilitates action with its watchlist, automatic milestone monitoring, and calling tool.

There’s also a separate milestone monitoring tool for recently discharged patients who may need additional care according to how many days they’ve been offcensus. After reviewing these patients from within the Nurture platform, discharged-patient callers can call the appropriate patients with Nurture’s calling tool. Callers will be prompted with the agency’s pre-defined set of questions. From there, the caller can catalog patients’ responses and any notes or recordings from the calls directly from the Nurture call screen. All of this information is then logged in the patients’ activity history so callers can monitor trends and ensure alignment from one discharged caller to the next.

  • Improve. You can only manage what you can measure. With that in mind, Medalogix Nurture delivers dashboards that enable clinical managers as well as senior executives to view key utilization, performance and outcome measurements such ascall volume by user. With these visual progress metrics, providers can pinpoint operational improvement opportunities and subsequently, further improve care.

*Integrations: Not only does Nurture seamlessly integrate with your EMR for convenient organization and alignment, it works in conjunction with the Medalogix solutions you may already be using. These integrations ensure care continuity throughout patients’ varying phases of care and streamline coordination within your organization.

So, what are you waiting for? Learn how the new Medalogix Nurture can help you and your patients in the New Year.Schedule a demotoday and get two months free.

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