Medalogix Bridge

identifies patients to be considered for the hospice benefit and increases clinical collaboration within end-of-life conversations

Industry challenge

America spends close to $170 billion per year on patients who are in their last six months of life. While 80% of patients state they wish to spend their last days in the comfort of their home, only 25% actually do. Additional studies have shown 77% of aging patients taken to the emergency room in their last month of life were admitted and 68% of those admitted died in the hospital. Our culture’s focus on curative healthcare clouds our ability to seek other venues of care that could provide a better experience for our aging population.

Home health and hospice clinicians often have a contentious relationship led by misaligned incentives. With the home heath clinicians’ focus on curative efforts, it is often difficult to recognize decline that may warrant having an end-of-life conversation. Lack of understanding of the hospice benefit and inexperience in leading end-of-life conversations further expound the challenge.

How Medalogix Bridge works


Our predictive model leverages EMR data to generate an ordered list of patients to be clinically evaluated for hospice appropriateness


Provides a built-in clinical workflow which allows clinicians to move patients through a customized virtual care path


Dashboards and reports that display product use and patient outcomes

Product benefits

–  Earlier identification of hospice-appropriate patient
–  Increase in total hospice days
–  Improved relationships between home health and hospice clinicians
–  Decrease unnecessary home health utilization and frequent rehospitalizations
–  Increased patient and family satisfaction
–  Data to identify areas of improvement within your home health to hospice process

“The Medalogix program is transformative. We’ve been able to grow our hospice census with patients no longer appropriate for Home Health services, because we were able to start the end of life conversation earlier. The growth curve started when Medalogix launched here. Thanks again.”