The only home health predictive modeling solution that identifies patients most likely to benefit from hospice and facilitates clinical team coordination–all to provide hospice beneficiaries higher quality of life at the end of life.

When implemented, this solution helps:

  • Increase patient and family satisfaction
  • Increase hospice days
  • Decrease unnecessary home health utilization
  • Improve outcomes


Find out how you can increase total hospice days by 300%.

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Medalogix Bridge leverages a proprietary predictive model to generate a patient risk ranking using your EMR data. Armed with this insight, clinicians can easily view which patients would most-likely benefit from hospice care.



To help clinicians convert those insights into action, Medalogix Bridge provides a built-in clinical workflow which allows clinicians to move each patient through a customized virtual care path. Organization-chosen steps such as, ‘complete clinical evidence’ or ‘obtain physician order’ are incorporated with timed alerts to better manage and coordinate care.



Since you can only manage what you can measure, Bridge includes a dashboard that displays Medalogix usage and performance metrics. This way, you can ensure your agency’s day-to-day policies and procedures are being met, while driving hospice transition protocols that improve patient care and your agency’s bottom line.

“The Medalogix program is transformative. We’ve been able to grow our hospice census with patients no longer appropriate for Home Health services, because we were able to start the end of life conversation earlier. The growth curve started when Medalogix launched here. Thanks again.”

Michael Borsellino, Synergy Manager, Jordan Health Services

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