Medalogix data scientists will create new predictive models to identify the solutions to your specific problems.

We will combine your specific concerns, your patients, your organization and your historical data with our custom scientific approach. As with all of our solutions, we will consistently evaluate for improvement and accuracy with ongoing testing, validation, and third-party peer review.


Data insights are only as valuable as the actions they inform. That’s why we integrate predictive analytics with two action-oriented technologies, including automated calls accelerator and clinical workflow management.

System administrators create and manage workflows to ensure identified patients are followed up with and treated accordingly.


To pinpoint exactly how Medalogix is helping you improve your patients’ health and your bottom line, Medalogix clients have access to a continual return on investment feedback loop—Medalogix Insight.

Medalogix Insight tracks specific metrics to validate that our solutions have led to positive outcomes in your organization.