Medalogix Touch: Readmission Prevention

Identifies patients at risk for hospital readmission and provides automated patient calling to increase touch points between visits

Industry Challenge

In the era of value-based care and increasing home health population, providers need solutions that allow them to better manage patients by overall risk with the most cost-effective strategies.

How Medalogix Touch Works

Leverages data science combined with artificial intelligence to identify patients who are at risk for rehospitalization in the next 30 days.

Uses automated calls or recommended clinical outreach, to ensure that patient care needs are being met and to provide extra support between physical visits.

Tracks the efficacy of each custom program, such as patient inclusion rates, connection rates on attempted calls and the program’s ability to reduce hospitalization rates.

Medalogix Touch has been proven to reduce transfers to all inpatient facilities from home health census by up to 41%.



Our predictive model leverages EMR data to generate an ordered list of patients most likely to experience rehospitalization


An integrated automated calling solution featuring centralized response management


Dashboards and reports that communicate product use and outcomes

Product Benefits

Technology to augment touch points between in-person visits

Proven reduction in unplanned readmissions

Competitive advantage with referral sources

More cost effective and patient-friendly solution than traditional telehealth

Access to reporting and monitoring tools

Patient census, ordered by risk on a daily basis

“As the industry shifts from volume to value, we want to ensure we maintain the highest care quality while improving efficiency. Touch allows us to deploy more touchpoints with the right patients at the right time, which ensures our patients receive the utmost in care quality while our agency works to meet the needs of value-based care. It’s a win-win.”

April Anthony, CEO,
Encompass Home Health and Hospice