Survey Says: Home Health Providers Really Like Our Analytics Technology

survey_meme-1.jpgBack in June, we sent our biannual survey to our home health and/or hospice users. We distributed surveys to 121 people, and received 53 responses–yes my friends, that’s a 41% response rate! We wanted to share the results specific to each product and thank everyone who participated (you know who you are)! 

The feedback is invaluable. Only with honest user reviews and reccomendations can we continue to develop effective home care solutions that truly help enhance patient care. 

Well, without further ado, here’s what our fantastic users said:

“Keep up the good work!”

“The Medalogix team is incredibly supportive and receptive to our concerns!”

“Your product saves me a lot of time and that is very helpful and key to our overall success daily, weekly, and monthly!”

More than 80% of Medalogix users said they would recommend their product to a friend or a colleague.

More than 80% of Medalogix users said that Medalogix provided them value as a whole.

Satisfaction Guaranteed! 

Check out this table below. Green means 75% approval or higher. 


To learn a bit more about each home care technology solution, see below:


Medalogix Bridge adds predictive insights and operational efficiency to dual home health and hospice providers’ patient transfer process. The solution combines a patient risk ranking with a clinical workflow tool that facilitates communication between services lines–all to provide hospice beneficiaries a higher quality of life, at the end of life.



Medalogix Touch enhances and automates a home health clinical team’s touchpoints. The application predictive risk rankings, automated calling feature and hospital referral source reports enable home health agencies to better identify and manage their most at-risk patients and complete more fully reimbursable episodes without transfers.



Newest to the Medalogix family, Nurture adds predictive insights and operational efficiency to home health provider’ post discharged-patient calling and continuity programs. The solution consists of a discharged patient monitoring tool that facilitates contact with patients who may need your care again – all to ensure the patients who need you most, continue to receive the care they require.