Pulse in Practice

Composed of four purpose-built modules, Pulse intelligently evaluates lengthy patient documentation against an immense data set to surface insights that facilitate prioritized, data-driven care decisions, as well as risk management and resource utilization throughout the patient journey.

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Pulse Expands to Support Complete Clinical Episode Management 

Medalogix Pulse is the only all-in-one home health software solution that uses cutting-edge data science to bring EHR data to life, empowering clinicians and home health organizations alike to provide timely, evidence-based care for every patient. 

Pulse is expanding with three new modules impacting referral to discharge. These modules leverage proprietary prompt architecture through GPT 4, modernizing the entire workflow.

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Pulse Referrals 
Intelligent Analysis, Organization, and Summarization of Referral Documentation

Home health professionals can focus on the most important, relevant data. Pulse Referral facilitates clinician prep for more informed, productive admissions visits and simplified referral decisions, reducing time to admission.

Pulse Episodes
Ongoing Patient Risk Stratification to Optimize Resources

Utilization management is complicated, and Pulse can help. By risk-scoring every patient after every visit, Pulse surfaces data-intelligence to inform the appropriate level of risk-based care, surfacing the opportunity to free up resources needed for referral growth and staff satisfaction.  

The Pulse home page drives users to key areas within the patient's plan of care.

Identify the patients most likely to benefit from end-of-life care. Improve branch-by-branch care coordination and ensure compassionate, timely end-of-life planning with families. 

Ongoing risk stratification on your patient from a population view

The Future of Home Health is Here

Patient-specific clinical snapshot view fed by visit-by-visit insight throughout an episode of care

Predictive analytics  inform proactive care to prevent hospitalization

Track individual patient progress toward HHVBP measures

Risk-based recertification and discharge decision guidance

Prevent non-clinical LUPAs with enhanced care coordination

Pulse ReferralsPulse AdmissionsPulse EpisodesPulse Transitions

Pulse Transitions
Evaluate Patients Against Industry-Wide Data for Better Risk Analysis. 

How It Works

Use data science to quickly surface referral documentation, assessment questions, and clinical notes to validate or contradict OASIS responses. 

Pulse Admissions
Evidence-Based Coding and Appropriate Focus of Care Finalization

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*represents a traditional, 60-day patient journey