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Medalogix Releases New Prescriptive Analytics Solution

SunLeaper recommends home health patient care plans through historical analysis of thousands of patient records, care plans and outcomes

NASHVILLE, Tenn. August 16, 2016 – Nashville-based healthcare analytics company, Medalogix, announces its newest technology, SunLeaper. This home health utilization management and care planning tool leverages prescriptive analytics to recommend home health patient care plans based on the historical analysis of tens of thousands of patient records, care plans and outcomes. The announcement comes after Vanderbilt data scientists peer reviewed Medalogix’s models and found them to be more accurate than the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ (CMS) publicly available risk adjustment models.

“Sunleaper can be compared to a dynamic navigation system, like Waze. The fluctuating nature of a trip across town can be very similar to the changing nature of a patient’s trajectory throughout his care episode. Sunleaper takes all possible pathways into account, combined with dynamic, ever changing and personalized clinical information and suggests the best care plan,” said Dan Hogan, Medalogix founder and CEO. “We have designed this tool with the understanding that patients all travel different pathways in their recoveries and SunLeaper is enabling a clinical navigation capability that doesn’t currently exist.”  

Specifically, the technology analyzes each patient’s physiological assessment and based on how his unique health status compares to ten of thousands of patients’ outcomes before him, the technology will prescribe visit frequencies by specific disciplines, like nursing or physical therapy. This prescription is most likely to generate the optimal outcome for that patient.

“Traditionally, care plans are determined based on a patient’s diagnosis,” said Dr. Michael Fleming, a physician of 40 years who served as past president of the American Academy of Family Physicians. “In some cases these care plans were written years ago and are applied rote. Previously that was the only way to treat large numbers of patients but that isn’t the reality anymore. Uniformity is often the enemy of a positive health outcome. Sunleaper has the power to look beyond diagnosis to craft the most statistically effective personalized, dynamic care plan.”

After years of deconstructing and comparing home health records, Medalogix data scientists found several trends that were surprising. For instance, based on the population Medalogix analyzed, Medalogix found a statistical decline in visit effectiveness after the 9th visit, across certain diagnostic groups–home health episodes usually consist of more than 15 visits. Additionally, some of the most expensive home care therapies showed an unexpectedly low impact on patient improvement.  

“Analytics, especially prescriptive analytics, adds an entirely new dimension to healthcare decision making,” said Mary Ann Christopher, a 25-year healthcare caregiver and executive with experience as a home health agency president and CEO. “Upon deeper analysis we’re learning that caregiving “truths” that traditional experience and education taught us, are not necessarily true. We’ve long suspected that more is not necessarily better in healthcare but now we have the tools to see exactly where that line is.”

The need for technologies like this is growing, especially in light of the recently initiated CMS Home Health Value Based Purchasing Model that reimburses care providers based on specific outcome measures. Sunleaper leverages the third and highest tier of analytics, prescriptive. According to a recent Gartner study, only 3 percent of companies use prescriptive analytics. Sunleaper is the only solution of its kind focused on the post acute space.

The technology currently integrates with several home health and hospice electronic medical records (EMRs) with plans to release an open API early next year to provide for universal availability.

About Medalogix:

Medalogix is a Nashville-based healthcare technology company that provides analytics, workflows and business intelligence solutions to home health providers so they can improve care and reduce costs. Founded in 2012 by former home health agency owner Dan Hogan, Medalogix has been recognized by Harvard University, HIMSS and Fierce Healthcare IT as an innovative solution that’s improving America’s healthcare system. Medalogix currently offers four solutions: Touch, which automates a home health clinical team’s touchpoints, Bridge, which helps identify and inform patients who would benefit from hospice care, Nurture, which identifies patients who might need further home care in the future and SunLeaper, which recommends home health patient care plans through historical analysis of thousands of patient records, care plans and outcomes.

For more information, please visit Medalogix at or follow on Twitter at: @Medalogix.  

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