Predictive Analytics Works: A Personal Story

The below story came to me from one of my dear clients who is one of the most caring people I have ever worked with. 

She took it upon herself to share this story with me and I wanted to share her personal story on our blog to remind us how all the Mrs. Greens in the world deserve the education and conversation regarding the services of hospice care.

– Katie Cunningham


[Note: All names have been changes to protect privacy]

“This struck my heart so I must share! 

As I went through my daily routine this morning… Drinking coffee, listening to our small town radio station, and reading my daily Bible study… a name in the obituaries struck my heart.

Mrs. Green used to be my patient when I was out on the road seeing patients about three years ago. She was as precious as they come and always called me “Alice”. 

We had a bond from the get go. 

Fast forward to last month… Mrs. Green appeared in my summary for Medalogix. 

Her nurse at the time didn’t quite feel she was ready, so they held off transitioning her to hospice for a few weeks. Last Friday, they finally admitted her to hospice and she passed away yesterday.

As I reflect on the stratification that Medalogix Bridge provides, it becomes all the more real when situations like this arise.  I’m sure our hospice team did a wonderful job with her for the very short time they were able to care for her. And this case reminded me of why your program is so necessary for the benefit of our patients.

I wanted to send a heart-felt thank you to Medalogix. Thank you for the benefit of our patients, and for their families.“

April Loftin, RN, MLX Program Manager

Camellia Home Health


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photo credit: Legacy via photopin (license)