Medalogix Nurture: Post-Discharge Care

Identifies patients at risk for decline after a home health episode of care and streamlines post-discharge follow-up

Patients discharged from home health services frequently decline, putting them at risk for negative outcomes and possible hospitalization. Intervening before a negative outcome occurs improves care continuity and patient outcomes.

How Medalogix Nurture Works

Leverages data science to identify patients who have recently discharged from home health services and are at risk for decline and needing additional care.

Elevates patients who are most likely to need more skilled services in the future and provides a mechanism to effectively track and support them, helping to coordinate across the entire continuum of care.

Connects with these high-risk patients at strategic milestones after discharge (7 days, 30 days, 60 days, 120 days) which helps prevent hospitalizations post home health care.

Medalogix Nurture reduces hospitalization post home health discharge by 36%.



Leverages EMR data and deploys a proprietary predictive model that generates a risk stratification for likelihood to decline post discharge


Includes milestones to monitor recently discharged patients who may need additional care and organizes staff follow up


Offers dashboards and reports that display utilization, patient outcomes, and identifies opportunities for improvement for your post discharge calling program

Product Benefits

Generate patient loyalty by building brand awareness

Reduce hospitalizations after home health discharge

Increase coordination of care across the continuum

Improve patient satisfaction

Improve relationships with referral sources

Unique program to market to payors

Increase efficiency of existing post-discharge calling programs

“We all wish that we could do just a little more for our patients. Nurses and therapists worry what will become of their patients after discharge. Nurture has enabled us to easily identify patients most at risk and in need of post-discharge follow-up. Nurture has given us a solid foundation of objective data on which to build a program to address what we intuitively know to be true . The fact that our organization has recognized and invested resources in this principle matters to patients. The continued contact underscores what was often a pretty personal experience for the patient, that of building relationships with clinicians inside their own homes. We’ve found this to be an incredibly unique opportunity to build loyalty within a clinically sound framework.”

Kelly Stanley RN, BS, Director of Patient Outreach,
Almost Family – Florida Regional Office

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