Nashville Medical News: Medalogix Announces New Home Health Analytics Technology

March 10, 2016


Our newest home health technology, Nurture, uses predictive analytics to help clinicians identify patients who may benefit from additional care in the future. Check out Nashville Medical News‘ coverage of our new solution.

Medalogix Announces New Home Health Analytics Technology

Medalogix, a Nashville-based healthcare technology company, has announced the release of Nurture, its third analytics-based solution for home health agencies. Nurture uses predictive analytics, workflows and business intelligence tools to help identify patients that may benefit from home care in the future and follow through with appropriate actions to resume care. The software recently wrapped up the beta-testing stage with Alternate Solutions Health Network.

Nurture analyzes EMR data to rank recently discharged patients by their potential for needing additional care. These patients are categorized by how many days they’ve been off census. The patients’ probability of needing additional care is displayed in a user-friendly ranking so clinicians can quickly understand which former patients to call first.

*Originally published in Nashville Medical News.


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