Muse in Practice 

The key to optimizing every step within the patient journey for improved, quality care.

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Provide Quality Care, Operate Efficiently and Manage Hospice Compliance  with Muse

Muse is specifically designed for hospice providers and uses machine learning to inform individualized patient care during the end-of-life trajectory.  

Quality Patient Care
Ensure Patients are Getting the Visits they Need. 

Muse capitalizes on comprehensive data captured by clinicians to objectively surface patient risk, identify patterns and surface subtle trends or signs of significant decline, employing a power that clinician eyes alone cannot detect. 

Use Muse to optimize patient schedules, monitor gaps in care, and reduce missed visits in those critical last days of life.

Muse leverages features like the Significant Decline in Condition 
to quickly allocate appropriate care. 

Use Muse to easily access patient-specific data on a single page,  and facilitate objective conversations with clinicians, physicians, and other team members with risk-informed insights.

Muse Coordination Notes allow direct entry of patient content related to the patient’s coordination of care and sent directly to the EHR.  
✔ Use a Coordination Note to streamline communication to the EHR. 

Leverage tools and features within Muse to manage your quality and compliance oversight.  Muse provides immediate visibility into the processes that impact the Hospice Care Index.

Compliance Oversight

Patient categorization according to criticality 

Focused Care at End-of-Life

Predict patient transition in next 7 days with 90%+ accuracy

Clinical visit-by-visit snapshot view

Improve performance in the Hospice Quality Reporting Program Measures

Enhance Monitoring of HCI and HVLDL measures

Alerts for patients with significant change in condition

Quality CareResource AllocationCare CoordinationCompliance Oversight

Care Coordination
Facilitate Cross-Functional Collaboration

Quality Patient Care
Ensure Patients are Getting the Visits they Need

Resource Allocation
Optimize Productivity and Utilization 

Facilitate Cross-Functional Collaboration

Monitor Compliance Metrics and Improve Quality Scores

How It Works

Muse effectively enables patient centered care by enabling better visibility on resourcing, staffing, decision making, and care planning for end-of-life care.

Resource Allocation
Optimize Productivity and Utilization

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Muse Sticky Notes provide a centralized internal collaboration tool, separate from your EHR. This minimizes external communication tools like email, text or chat that can create delays in patient care:
✔ Use a Sticky Note to monitor and track more administrative tasks not related to the plan of care and not necessary to send to the EHR.  

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Muse Care Review is an invaluable data-driven toolset that empowers clear understanding and action on opportunities to more closely align care with risk using clinical evidence from the patient record.

✔ Customizable visit and exception parameters inform risk-aligned care recommendation for greater operational efficiency and optimal patient transitions. 

✔ Built-in reporting gives agencies clear visibility into utilization, exception, and other trends to support fine-tuning. 

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