Home Health Care News: Medalogix Launches New Technology

home_health_care_news.pngHome Healthcare News recently reported on our new utilization management solution, Sunleaper. Check their write up out below.

Medalogix Announces New Technology

Health care analytics company based in Nashville, Tennessee, Medalogix, has announced its newest prescriptive analytics technology, SunLeaper. The new solution leverages prescriptive analytics to recommend home health patient care plans based on the historical analysis of tens of thousands of patient records, care plans and outcomes.

The technology analyzes each patient’s physiological assessment based on how his or her health status compares to other patients’ outcomes before him or her. The technology will provide prescriptions that are broken down into specific disciplines, such as nursing or physical therapy.

This announcement comes after new data viewed by Vanderbilt scientists found Medalogix’s models were found to be more accurate than the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ (CMS) publicly available risk adjustment models.

Medalogix plans to release an open API early next year to provide universal availability.

*Originally published in Home Health Care News.