Identify Risk to Optimize Response

Managing COVID-19 in at-home care settings


In a recent survey conducted by Home Health Care News in the wake of the crisis in the United States, 31% of home-based care organizations said operations have already been impacted by the crisis—and we anticipate that number will continue to rise.

Early last month, the Trump Administration announced expanded Medicare telehealth coverage and reimbursement for “practitioners” to give patients greater access to care during the COVID-19 outbreak. The measure did not apply to home health and hospice providers.

More recently, after much push back from healthcare leaders across the country, lawmakers passed the CARES Act, which improves care planning for Medicare home health services and now encourages the use of telecommunications in home health patient communication. However, CARES Act does not provide reimbursement for the use of telecommunication tools. Medalogix is monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely and will continue to provide updates and support.

We’re Here to Help

We know resources are strained. Navigating response in a crisis is tough.
But we can help.
Medalogix Touch, our premier hospitalization prevention tool, identifies patients at risk for rehospitalization and provides automated patient calling to increase touch points between visits—a cost-effective approach during a crisis to manage census and prioritize vital resources for the generally at-risk population.

Leverage data science to identify patients who are at risk for hospitalization and inform the allocation of valuable resources, such as placement of telehealth units.

Use automated calls with customized questions, such as those for COVID-19, to augment your agency’s support for its most vulnerable patients.

Protect your valuable clinical field staff by supplementing visits with telephonic patient communication, a triage approach that mitigates risk for both clinicians and patients.

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NOTE: Medalogix Touch identifies patients who are most likely to hospitalize, and can help your organization allocate resources appropriately during this challenging time.