Dr. Vikranta Sharma is VNA Health Group’s hospice and palliative care medical director. In her role, Dr. Sharma is responsible for a lot. She spearheads care planning, staff education, attending physician coordination, quality assurance and home health to hospice bridging. The last-mentioned aspect of her role, home health to hospice bridging, entails educating and increasing awareness about palliative and hospice care among physicians, nurses, patients and families.

A passionate advocate of hospice care, Dr. Sharma says:

[row][col sm_width="10" sm_offset="1"] Andrev_nerdWhen you think of a data scientist, you might think of someone who plays Minecraft, attends Star Trek conventions and wears taped glasses. Maybe he looks like the guy to your left. Well, our lead data scientist challenges that stereotype. Kind of. [/col][/row]

[row][col sm_width="10" sm_offset="1"] yale global health and innovation conferenceYale University's Global Health & Innovation Conference is the world's leading and largest global health conference. The organizers' mission is to facilitate conversation that could improve health on a global scale. We were honored when they asked us to present our readmission reduction predictive model. [/col][/row]

[row][col sm_width="10" sm_offset="1"] Israel OvalleBy director of strategy, Israel Ovalle  linkedin israel ovalle  DC Dicom, a cloud medical image exchange vendor, writes a series of blog posts designed to “get your wheels turning about the future of healthcare technology.” In one of their most recent posts, they spotlight a handful of healthcare technology themes that are key to the connected healthcare system’s future. We decided to chime in and describe how Medalogix home health analytics technology provides or expands upon these themes to encourage a connected healthcare system. [/col][/row]

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[row][col sm_width="10" sm_offset="1"] big dataWith big data all the rage, many are under the impression that data is a treasure trove. It’s not. It’s garbage. Whereas a ruby, diamond and sapphire-filled treasure box is valuable upon discovery, a cardboard, candy wrapper and banana peel-filled dumpster must be sorted, processed and distributed to generate value. [/col][/row]