Medalogix Care

an objective, evidence-based estimate of how many visits a patient needs in order to achieve a positive outcome

Industry challenge

Determining the most appropriate number of visits for a patient is difficult. Agencies invest in the education and training of their staff to best forecast how much care each patient should receive, but the decision remains subjective. The research we’ve completed indicates agencies are consistently over-utilizing resources without an objective consideration of acuity. Resulting process inadequacies we’ve identified are:

–  Inability to identify high risk patients independent of diagnoses
–  Lack of evidence-based standards to appropriately guide visit utilization
–  Determining visit utilization based on clinician schedules instead of patient needs
–  One size fits all approach to utilization based on referral source relationships



Provides a suggested number of visits based on the acuity level of the patient


For each patient, clinicians receive a recommended number of visits to use for the episode of care


Access to on-demand reporting to monitor the effects of visit utilization on outcome

Product benefits

Objective source to understand patient-specific utilization needs

Opportunity to use evidence-based data to negotiate with Medicare Advantage or commercial payors

Improve the balance of resource allocation across regions, teams and branches

Agency preparedness for necessary enhanced utilization controls in Medicare’s upcoming PDGM reimbursement