Medalogix Care: Episode Planning

Data-driven utilization that facilitates individual plans of care and better episode planning to meet PDGM requirements

Industry Challenge

The impact of PDGM is reshaping how providers and payors deliver home health care. Determining the appropriate number of visits for a patient is complex and difficult, and will be required by PDGM. Medalogix Care leverages data science to fully transition home health agencies for PDGM reimbursement changes with objective, evidence-based recommendations.

How Medalogix Care Works

Leverages data science combined with clinical insights to recommend the optimal number of visits a patient needs to achieve a positive outcome.

Utilizes over 300 billion calculations and insights from our clinical experts to build patient-centered, individualized recommendations by discipline.

Drives better clinical outcomes while helping agencies realize significant savings through appropriate utilization, clinical collaboration and patient-specific care planning.

Helps transition home health agencies for the impact of PDGM



Provides a suggested number of visits based on the acuity level of the patient


For each patient, clinicians receive a recommended number of visits to use for the episode of care


Access to on-demand reporting to monitor the effects of visit utilization on outcome

Product Benefits

Objective source to understand patient-specific utilization needs

Reduce patient visits by 3 per episode without impact on hospitalization rates

Improve the balance of resource allocation across regions, teams and branches

Agency preparedness for necessary enhanced utilization controls in Medicare’s upcoming PDGM reimbursement

“Integrating Medalogix’s capabilities has enabled us to change the conversation with our strategic partners, including health systems, managed care partners, and ACOs. We’ve partnered with Medalogix to identify risks within our patient populations over several years. In particularly, Medalogix Care allows us to manage risk in a measured fashion and have confidence in our approach to continue to improve our patients’ outcomes.”

Luke James, Chief Strategy Officer,
Encompass Home Health and Hospice