[row][col sm_width="10" sm_offset="1"] long term living logoNASHVILLE, Tenn., June 23, 2015 – Nashville-based healthcare analytics company, Medalogix announced today its new partnership with Homecare Homebase, the leading home health electronic medical record software. The partnership expands Medalogix’s reach in the home health market. [/col][/row]

[row][col sm_width="10" sm_offset="1"] This article originally appeared in the Wall Street Journal. wsjGUEST MENTOR Dan Hogan, CEO at Medalogix: Most startups work on shoestring budgets, of course, which presents a particular difficulty in recruiting talent. You need the best of the best to help you launch your enterprise, but you don’t have the budget to lure them from their high-paying jobs. Luckily, it’s not all about salary.[/col][/row]

[row][col sm_width="10" sm_offset="1"]News-line.com Alternate Solutions HomeCare (ASH) directors reported a 35.9% average rate decrease in 30-day hospital readmissions from the third quarter of 2011 to the third quarter three of 2012. One factor directors at ASH attribute the dramatic decrease to, is the use of Medalogix predictive modeling software, which has enabled them to specify and streamline appropriate clinical interventions.[/col][/row]

[row][col sm_width="10" sm_offset="1"]Nashville Business Journal Winner: 10-25 employees Dan Hogan CEO, Medalogix Medalogix is a health data analysis firm focused on the reduction of hospital readmissions from post-acute settings like home health or skilled nursing. The company uses artificial intelligence constructs to mine clinical and medication data to identify those patients that are most at risk.[/col][/row]

[row][col sm_width="10" sm_offset="1"]Predictive Modeling News, January 2013 by Dan Hogan, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Medalogix Predictive modeling is not a new tool in healthcare. While it is just now being meaningfully applied in the home health segment of the healthcare industry, predictive modeling has been used on the claims and benefits side of the business for years. However, the data available for analysis and the manner in which that analysis is being utilized in healthcare is new. The driver of this change is the initiation of pay-for-performance healthcare triggered by the Affordable Care Act.[/col][/row]

[row][col sm_width="10" sm_offset="1"] bio science technology logoMedalogix was recently featured in BioScience Technology and Drug Discovery and Development. The stories cover Medalogix's positive disruption to the healthcare space with its end of life predictive modeling technology recognized by Harvard University. Read the full story below. [/col][/row]

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predictive modeling news july medalogixPredictive Modeling News recently published an article about our most recent peer reviewed Vanderbilt study which shows that our end-of-life analytics solution is making a big difference in end-of-life care. Read the full story and a Q&A with our founder in this article.