Optimize your home health episode management with predictive analytics. Touch identifies and helps you increase care with automated touchpoints for patients who need you most–those at risk of going to the hospital.

When implemented, this solution helps:

  • Decrease transfers to inpatient facilities
    (i.e. hospital readmissions) and falls
  • Decrease appropriate LUPA episodes
  • Increase likelihood of multi-episode stays
  • Decrease clinician turnover

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Medalogix Touch leverages a customized predictive model to generate a patient risk ranking using real-time EMR data. Armed with this insight, clinicians can easily view which patients are most at risk for transferring off census before their 60-day care episode completes. Clinicians can also track BPCI patients through their 90-day window.



Agencies can then act upon Medalogix’s risk results by scheduling touchpoint calls within Medalogix’s application. Clinicians may call a patient manually or via Interactive Voice Response (IVR). The patients’ responses are catalogued in the Medalogix system. If a patient’s response is concerning, Medalogix will alert you so that your clinician team can properly intervene.


Since you can only manage what you can measure, Touch includes a dashboard that displays Medalogix usage and performance metrics, including a referral report summary. This report breaks down your readmission rates by referral source. When armed with this info, you can easily show why you’re a better home health partner than your competitors.

As the industry shifts from volume to value we want to ensure we maintain the highest care quality while improving efficiency. Touch allows us to deploy more touchpoints with the right patients at the right time, which ensures our patients receive the utmost in care quality while our agency works to meet the needs of value-based care. It’s a win win.”

April Anthony,
CEO, Encompass

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