Add predictive insights and operational efficiency to your post discharged-patient calling programs. Nurture enables you to engage patients who could benefit from additional episodes of care.

When implemented, this solution helps:

  • Create patient loyalty
  • Reduce rehospitalizations after discharges
  • Increase efficiency of aftercare programs
  • Improve HHCAHPS, STARS and HHVBP Scores

Find out how you can identify 300 patients who may need additional care.

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Medalogix Nurture analyzes your EMR data and prioritizes patients recently discharged according to their probability of needing additional care. Armed with this information, discharged-patient callers can quickly view which former patients are likely to need additional episode of care. Users can filter these identified patients by branch.

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Nurture’s milestone monitoring tool monitors recently discharged patients who need additional care and organizes patients based on how many days they’ve been off census. After reviewing patient records, discharged-patient callers can easily contact the appropriate patients with Nurture’s call scheduling tool.

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Nurture delivers dashboards that enable users to view key utilization, performance and outcome measurements like, call volume by user and number of calls made by team that resulted in a referral. With these visual progress metrics, providers can pinpoint operational improvement opportunities to further improve care.

“Nurture has helped us become more efficient by narrowing our focus on high-risk patients who may benefit from touchpoints after discharge. Patient care does not stop once discharge has occurred. By quickly identifying patients through the Nurture risk stratification, we are able to intervene at different milestones to mitigate avoidable emergent care situations and provide the right care at the right time.”

VP of Clinical Transformation, Encompass


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