Medalogix is getting attention for helping care providers best leverage analytics to improve lives. Harvard is one such prestigious organization who has taken notice.

A former home health agency owner, our CEO Dan Hogan decided to use clinical data to understand which of his patients were most likely to be readmitted to the hospital. He did this so he could intervene and stop readmissions in their tracks. Lo and behold—the data analysis worked.

happy-new-year-champagne.jpgWhile some usher in the New Year with parties and champage, we thought we'd recognize 2016 with a new home health analytics technology--and maybe some champage. 

Dan Hogan, our CEO, gives his thoughts on how analytics in healthcare adds a beneficial 4th dimension to proactive healthcare decisions in Becker's Health IT & CEO Review.

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In today's healthcare system it's not as simple as providing a service for your patient and then getting paid for that service. You have to provide a successful service to get paid. This is a huge shift for patients and healthcare providers. Here's our take and advice on alternative payment models. 

joey-feek-hospice-care-importance.jpgWhen I glance at the magazine counters in the grocery checkout line, I expect to see a Kardashian on the cover. Recently though, I came across a headliner that actually mattered.

Rowan Consulting Associates Home Care Technology Report has posted a feature on our new end-of-episode planning tool.

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Our CEO, Dan Hogan, was a featured speaker at the Tennessee Society of CPA's healthcare conference earlier this week. Presenting on the economics of end-of-life care, Dan discussed current statistics, studies and proposed rules that could alter end-of-life care in America as well as why America struggles with dying well and how predictive analytics is helping end-of-life care.

If you weren’t able to make it, below are some highlights from his presentation.

images-1.jpgJust in time for Thanksgiving, we asked home health professionals why they're thankful to work in home health. Here's what they said. 

Have FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) about Medalogix Nurture? Don’t worry. I’m here to loop ya in.

If you're in home health, you're probably well aware that in early November, CMS released the final rule for Home Health Value Based Purchasing (HHVBP). But, you probably haven't had time to read the ruling yet. It's a pretty hefty document. Here's a CliffsNote version.