FREE WEBINAR: The Technology You Need To Thrive Amid Regulatory Reforms

POSTED BY Danielle Eldredge On August 14, 2017

Providers have been forced to do more with less for years but recent regulations like  the CMS proposed rule for CY 2018, the Impact Act and the soon-to-be implemented CoP changes have made it even more critical. We have to work smarter. 

How Analytics Will Help with The Impact Act’s Discharge to Community Measure

POSTED BY Medalogix On August 1, 2017

While the industry is buzzing about the Proposed Rule, let’s not forget about the imminent Discharge Community measure of the Impact Act.  What are you doing to ensure your agency aces the Discharge to Community measure? While keeping your home health patients out of the hospital has always been a focus, now, under the Impact Act, […]

Reasons Why You’re Home Health Agency Isn’t Using Medalogix And Why You Should Be

POSTED BY Medalogix On July 5, 2017

You’re a smart home health agency. Why aren’t you using Medalogix’s analytics-based solutions?

Can Analytics And Automated Calling Really Help Your Home Health Agency?

POSTED BY Medalogix On May 10, 2017

Our readmission reduction solution, Medalogix Touch is where it all started. It was our first solution which was conceptualized by our CEO and founder, Dan Hogan, when he owned and operated a home health agency in rural Tennessee. Like all solutions, it was created to solve a problem. 

Quotes And Stats You Need To Read From Deloitte’s Post Acute Analysis

POSTED BY Medalogix On April 27, 2017

Deloitte recently released a 20-page report on the healthcare industry’s current views on post acute care.  It’s called Viewing post-acute care in a new light–Strategies to drive value.  You can download the full report here. 

Participate In National Healthcare Decisions Week

POSTED BY Medalogix On April 17, 2017

National Healthcare Decisions Day (NHDD) exists to inspire, educate and empower the public and providers about the importance of advance care planning. This is an issue close to our hearts at Medalogix because we know that when patients and their famillies are informed about end-of-life care wishes and status, outcomes and satisfaction are improved. That’s […]

Hospice Utilization Is Declining But Analytics Can Help

POSTED BY Medalogix On March 27, 2017

After analyzing the most recent data, hospice utilization is on a continued decline, according the the HMR blog.

Medalogix Helps Signifigantly Reduce Avoidable Hospital Readmissions. Our Data Scientist Can Prove It.

POSTED BY Medalogix On March 1, 2017

Our lead data scientist has analyzed the effectiveness of our readmission reduction solution solution and the results are in. Drum roll please….

Nurture Your Discharged Patients With Analytics To Understand Who Needs Your Care Again

POSTED BY Medalogix On January 26, 2017

What If we told you that nearly 300 patents you’ve discharged in the last 9 months will soon need your care again? (Dive deeper into this metric by checking out this case study.) Medalogix Nurture will help you understand which ones, so you can be there to give them the additional home health care they need.

Key Takeaways From J.P. Morgan’s Healthcare Conference

POSTED BY Medalogix On January 20, 2017

We were fortunate to attend J.P. Morgan’s annual healthcare conference in early January. It’s one of the life science industry’s largest conferences of the year as it brings thousands of investors and executives from around the world to San Francisco where companies present their latest innovations hoping to find their next partner or investor.

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