In a small healthcare analytics software company the work we do is always changing. The mentality of ‘hang on or get off’ is palpable. and exhilarating. We can do hard things.

This weekend we head to Austin, Texas for one of Home Health’s premier events—Home Care 100. Every year, we attend alongside top executives from the nation's largest home care and hospice providers to participate in education, networking and recreation activities

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The Impact of Medalogix Bridge on Early Mortality for Hospice Patients

Have FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) about Medalogix Nurture? Don’t worry. I’m here to loop ya in.

If you’re a healthcare provider, chances are, your original motivations for joining the field were patient-focused. You wanted to make a positive difference in patients’ lives. Being in the field though, you may now feel like your day-to-day concerns are back-office focused. You’re spending much of your energy and resources:

You know health information technology (HIT) is an important part of your business operations. You can’t survive in home health or hospice without your core EMR product. Most likely, you also have ancillary HIT solutions to support programs such as referral interfaces, telehealth or analytics and benchmarking products. But how easy is it to implement and maintain these solutions? Chances are there are challenges—and quite possibly significant challenges that can jeopardize the success of a project as well as the stability of the entire organization.

Given the advent of digitized health records, terms like “big data” and “analytics” have become downright trite these days. The terms are thrown around so often, in so many varying scenarios, they’ve become vague overarching descriptions that mean different things to different people. 

As Medalogix's VP of product management, my job is to think about what the market needs, listen to what existing clients would like for improvements and determine where our product needs to go. 

Last Thursday (8/28) at 7 a.m. our entire company, even our remote team members, met with luggage in tow at our Germantown office.